Right-Wing Russian Politician Wants To Decriminalize Physical Abuse

Even in America domestic violence is a problem. We have safeguards for victims, but it often goes unnoticed and unpunished. This could lead to an "in Russia" joke, except this is no laughing matter.

Yelena Mizulina, known for the 2013 law criminalizing homosexuality, is now proposing amendments that would reduce the punishment for domestic abuse against spouses and children to misdemeanors. According to The Independent:

"Domestic violence is currently punishable by fines of up to 40,000 rubles (£457) or two years in jail, but women's rights groups point out this is rarely enforced."

Russia is proving to be a right-wing paradise. You can own all the guns you want, being gay is illegal and you can be fired for not being Christian, which would explain why so many American right-wing politicians like Russia. Just this week Donald Trump asked Russia to keep hacking the Democrats.

Want to beat up on your wife and kids, but those damn American laws keep getting in the way? Russia welcomes you!