Illegal Immigrant Attempts To Assassinate Donald Trump
Source: Associated Press

Source: Associated Press

Yes, this actually happened! The facts, however, will surprise you. Michael Steven Sandford, a British man who overstayed his visa and is living here as an illegal immigrant from Britain, was arrested over the weekend at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas. He had been planning to assassinate Donald Trump for a year. He attempted to grab a police officer's gun and use it to kill the presidential candidate/Nazi. He was promptly arrested. I have a couple of questions:

Why did he grab an officer's gun? Doesn't he know how easy it is to purchase a gun in America?
He planned THIS for a year? The plan wasn't very elaborate.
How will Trump respond to an assassination attempt by a Caucasian British illegal immigrant? Will he claim that the would-be assassin was born in Mexico (akin to how he lied about the origin of the Orlando shooter who was born in America)

I can't wait to see how the public will respond to this! Stay tuned for updates.