Katia Callegari

Photographer: Mike McCarthy

Site: www.elegantboudoir.ca

INSTAGRAM: @elegant_boudoir

Facebook: /ElegantBoudoirHfx

Halifax, NS, Canada (email: mike@mccarthyphotographic.com)

Model/HMUA/Wardrobe: Katia Callegari

INSTAGRAM: @katcallegari

Assisted by: James Vaughan (James Vaughan Photography)

INSTAGRAM: vaughan799

Backstory - Fresh Faces Series - Testing the Waters / Test shoot

I was attending an industry mixer just in time for the holidays and happened to meet a new model who was looking to transition from professional bodybuilding to glamour modeling. Now, I live in a mid-sized (about 400,000 people in the metropolitan area) Canadian city on the east coast, and although there is a thriving model / photographer community, it mostly consists of pretty girls looking for nice photos and I've shot with lots of them over the years. I've also shot with pretty much every model with glamour potential and it's tough to find new / good models with potential for publication. So when I chatted for the first time with Katia and I found out she was a licensed make-up artist *and* looking to break into glamour modeling, we booked our first session on the spot. We started out with our first set for some basic images with portfolio potential and moved on to my lingerie/boudoir specialty and finny on to some sexier images and ended up with a few topless glamour nudes. As Katia got more and more comfortable in front of my camera I could see she had the potential to go places as a model and I've shot with her several times since. She's now been published in a couple of men's glamour magazines and we have more shoots planned this summer including at the beach, now that we're finally getting some warmer weather here, so watch for more from Katia soon.