Sparkling Booze

Have you tried spiked sparkling water yet this summer? You can’t escape the craze on the internet, specifically Instagram. Both Truly seltzers and White Claw Spiked Sparking waters are trending tremendously, selling out quicker than we can understand how this stuff is socially acceptable and adored. Only a few days ago, New York Post states that beverage is the official cocktail of summer 2019! Hard to believe that all this started way back in 2012 when it’s said a guy, Nick Shields, wanted to sell more than just beer. And even more to our surprise, Connecticut was the state his profitable idea came to mind, as he watched a bunch of women ordering vodka sodas at a bar. Spiked Seltzer took off in more than a dozen states but then the copycat beverages soon followed, including the bro-accepted favorite, White Claw. People are trying hard to fight weight gain these days, avoid bloat, and hard seltzer has fewer carbs and calories than beer, but is still alcohol —and it comes in a can at that! It’s pitched as “healthy” without actually being exactly healthy because of the nutritional facts. It’s not just drinking straight up vodka, it’s hydrating, pure, and refreshing! Seltzer is water after all.

By Franee