Priority Publication is only available for ACCEPTED submissions.  If your submission was rejected or has not been approved, you do not qualify for Priority Publication.

What do I get with a Priority Publication?

You will:  

- Be published in the next available volume, usually within 1 - 3 weeks
- Get a 4 - 6 page feature spread
- Be featured on the FUSE Instagram account

We only have three priority spots available in each volume.  Each spot is $150.  If you are interested, please let us know ASAP.

Note:  We do not provide free magazines!



Where do I pay for Priority Publication?

Please reply to your acceptance email telling us you are interested in Priority Publication and we will provide you with payment options.

Do I need to pay to be published in FUSE Magazine??

NO, Priority Publication is optional.

Why would I need Priority Publication?

- Do not want to wait 9 - 12 weeks to be published
- Have a deadline for your images you want to be published

Can I pay to be put on the cover?

No, the cover is not for sale.  If this changes in the future, we will announce it.

Do only Priority Publication gets six pages feature?

Not necessarily. A feature can be anywhere from 2 - 6 pages; the average is 4 pages long. Each feature length is determined by its variety and the number photos in the submission.  If your submission has less than five photos do not expect a six page feature.

If I don't have Priority Publication, do I still get featured in Fuse Instagram account?

Yes, but remember that Instagram does not allow nudity, so we cannot post nude photos on Instagram.

Do I get a copy of Fuse Magazine if I am paying for Priority Publication?

No, not automatically, but you can purchase print copies on MagCloud.com

Can I paid to be a FUSE MUSE?

No, Fuse Muse features are not sale.