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Without question, 2017 is a year of unease. With each passing day, we see the
fall of stocks, unprecedented turnover in White House staff, and attempts
to assassinate the values which uphold democracy. We live in a time where
our leaders’ response to facts is to deny, deflect, and distract. Where those
seeking to report the truth have become scapegoats for incompetence
in office. Through a combination of systematic prejudice, “pay-to-play”
democracy, and our own ignorance, we are faced with an assault on truth.
Attempts to avoid politics no longer suffice, as the repercussions have
reached into our daily lives. No longer do we have the luxury of picking
up our morning paper and trusting the source. We may see a different
side to our loved ones, as these trying times bring out underlying anger.
Depression looms like a vulture over perceived helplessness, as we feel like
there is nothing we can do. To find answers which once seemed so simple,
we must turn our attention inwards. What do we live for? For whom do we
live? How important is the success of self versus the success of our species?
What is the scope of our actions’ impact? What do we accept as truth, and
from whom do we accept it? Such existentialism can be eased through
As you delve into this issue of FUSE, appreciate the truth of beauty in the
human form. Take solace in the human drive to speak through creation.
Become inspired by the passion of each one of our models. Let her bravery
evoke courage in your own pursuits. Consider each page a love letter to
femininity, written in the medium of photography. Allow our stories to
challenge your perception. With upcoming expansions, there will be further
opportunities to share your stories in the FUSE magazine community. The
biggest current threat to our nation is complacency, and through our hard
work, we hope that you find truth in your own voice.
Rebelliously yours,
Tia Alexandra

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