Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to FUSE magazine! Volume 50 has arrived and I have the pleasure of introducing yet another sexy page turner to you! Maybe you remember me from a previous front cover, maybe you have read a few of my scandalous articles, or maybe you are new to this and you’ve no idea what I am talking about. So another little introduction perhaps?

My name is Sarah Jane Banahan and I am one of FUSE magazines monthly contributors. I am globally known to host some of the naughtiest parties that the sexually open minded can experience – I pretty much find a luxurious location and throw an unforgettable sexy experience for couples and singles. I have travelled all over the world hosting a multitude of high-end soirees, and I just can’t get enough of it! With the experience I have gained from hosting I have had many opportunities to write as a Sex Expert and Relationship Columnist, and you can find me not only here at FUSE once a month, but also a columnist for GQ UK and Africa.

So guys and dolls I have the pleasure of introducing another delicious, delightful and debauch issue. I couldn’t help but sneak in something special for you, and that is the low-down of a recent party that I attended way in the countryside outside of London. Apart from that, an inundation of women and tech plus lot more prepping you and getting you into the summer badass-mood!

We love you!


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