The cusp of achieving your dreams is an interesting place to sit. On one side, you see the vast stretch of time and experience that lead you to this moment, and on the other, an exciting and terrifying jungle. The  struggles which fought to break you now guide you from repeated mistakes, and you alone fuel the flame of your own ambition. When it comes time to fearlessly leap into the unknown, who will fight with you? Who will pick you up when you’ve fallen? Who will raise you up as you reach for the trophy of success? The journey to becoming a published model couldn’t be described as anything other than a roller coaster, full of high risk and high reward. What’s an adventure worth telling without a little adventure? Perhaps it was that hint of danger, combined with the allure of fame and glamor that drew me in. There have been creeps, there have been swindlers, there was the couple who unknowingly involved me in their domination games, but at the heart of this crazy industry I’ve found a community of true artists. Good people who seek only to create and create with others.

Your faithful nerd,
Tia Alexandra

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