Sex Host Meets Sex Host

Sex Host Meets Sex Host

It was like walking into Burning Man, to be honest with you. In fact, the host brought Burning Man to her blinkin home! Feathers, glitter, green leaves, poison Ivy’s, masks, alligator body suits, a group of hungry, free, wild sexual “spirit-animal” predators ready, ohh so ready to pounce on each other. Must we continue? Yes! ….a buffet of food fit for Kings and Queens spread out like they were waiting on King Henry VIII’s arrival. A unique selection of barmen and sexy barmaids filling up our drinks until the wee hours of Saturday morning, and on the odd occasion, one of them slipping away into the darkness, a bedroom or bathroom with a couple to play with them, returning to the bar all messy and devilishly wide eyed. As the DJ is mixing beautiful deep sounds of tech house, he’s mischievously gazing at his tantalising crowd whilst they scantily moved to the beat, touching, caressing one another. Guys- this really was pretty bonkers, I feel like I am writing you a naughty sex novel right now.

As a host of many a sex party over the years, I was rather impressed. It takes a long time to vet people, through messages and emails and filter out the decent crowd to the time wasters or dare I say it, perverts. No darlings, this was first class, top-tier debauchery right here ladies and gentlemen and I couldn’t wait to take my coat off and jump right in!

Sarah 400.jpg

It was weeks before this party commenced when I was recommended to get in touch with the host of this wonderful, well thought out, spirit animal themed party, and I could not wait to meet her. We spoke on Instagram, then whatsapp and it just so happened, (one sex host to the other) and we got on splendidly. She was real and when I say “real” I mean – she was genuine, a straight up cool cat and I bloody loved that! We spoke on audio pretty much every day and when I took the 2 hour journey to her countryside home, she opened the doors wearing an assemblage of rhinestone, peacock feathers and a large absolutely eye-catching peacock shrine on her head. Wowzers! I am glad I made the effort everybody was tip top!

As the night progressed, I was entirely smitten with everybody. It takes a lot for a woman like me to “play” as I am only used to “hosting” parties these days and I usually put a ban on the “no-playing” however, this wasn’t my party so the gloves came off…literally. Swooning around the party, holding the hand of my play partner (a guy that flew in from Singapore who I regularly call upon when I am in need of company/sexual pleasure and a party-manic) our night started quickly.

Couple after couple greeted me and the odd single ventured in my direction to get to know me, sometimes kissing me freely- of which I accepted. I felt open and sexually liberated. As a bisexual woman, I was in awe of all the beautiful women: a mix of Brits, Spanish, Portuguese right through to Mexican, all complete STUNNERS. I have always been turned on by Mediterranean looking women with long brunette hair, but hey ho I was pretty much falling over my own feet to go and speak to the copious amounts of gorgeous women that flocked around me staring, grinning - everybody super friendly and sensually coordinated.

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Walking upstairs, smiling – looking down at the dancing bodies on the ground floor to a whirlwind of nakedness and sexual sounds coming from the bedrooms- how my heart raced as I brushed through girl-on-girl action in the hallway seeing hands gently touching each other as I stroke the odd bit of hair as I walked past letting them know of my passing presence. The array of breasts, flesh, guys with toned physiques, eye contact, and sipping champagne really to this day still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

But this is my life. This is why I am here and this is what I enjoy doing! Once a girl who worked in fashion, now I am a woman of the world. A 30 something sexual deviant (player) in an industry so fully aware of WHO they are and WHAT they want. Nothing makes me happier than to be surrounded by the epitome of what I call “sexual debauchery.” I live for this, I write about this, and I certainly engage wherever and whenever possible. I am not talking every week – no no, parties like these should not be held weekly. They need to be properly planned, a strict vetting process that takes WEEKS to plan, carefully curated from the guest list right to the food banquet. Nobody wants any old Dick or Harry in there. These people, and the right people, will travel miles to attend because it is worth it in the end. Trust me.

This particular party was one of my favourite Friday nights I have had in a while. I remember sitting in the lounge caressing two guys- talking, flirting and above all, watching couples having sex with each other, threesomes and orgies in the corner. This isn’t your average life right here. I love being able to walk around freely, naked sipping a margarita, and getting to know my fellow party-goers. These people are swingers for life: some are married, some with children, some without, sometimes couples who seek more than one partner. They are sitting in the bath together talking politics, having intercourse and pouring champagne over each other. This is some cool shit here and I suggest if you are lucky enough, if you carry yourself well and are just a cool dude you should say “yes” if an invitation comes your way. You’d be stupid not to experience this, even once.

Well played host, well played.
Sarah Jane