I kissed a girl and I liked it!
Kiss the girl.jpg

I kissed a girl and I liked it! I mean, seriously that’s exactly what I did quite recently when I went on my very first girl on girl date as a newly single, bisexual 30 something…. I gave a lot of my life to a gorgeous man for the last 5 years, so it was only fair I put that behind me, go single and experience the sensation and “unorthodox” (in my world) way of dating and with that - wine and dine a gorgeous woman! 

As a half-decent-looking lady, stepping into her 30’s, like a naughty kid in a playground looking to play ball with the cutest kid in school, why not, its only fair to play with the cool kids ;) It has pretty much been my fantasy, at least for a decade now. I am young, I feel good and I appreciate a fine lady who also looks good, so I’m completely in tune with my open bisexuality. As my career broadens (hosting erotic parties for the fabulous elite) so does my personal preferences for the same sex. For me, open sexuality and experimentation comes with the territory, nothing really bothers me and I whole-heartedly believe anybody out there, bi-curious, bisexual or even straight girlies who want to experiment, go EXPERIMENT - It’s a must, must, MUST!

So pre-date night rituals begins.  I start the beautification process and I question myself,  ‘how one should be dressed for such occasion?’ Should I dress more feminine, or a little more “macho” I don’t want to be stereotypical but a lot of the time when we see lesbian couples, one dresses a little more masculine, but hey-hey what do I know? This is my first time and I don’t know a single friend who has done this so my knowledge on this is dire. My specifics are simple: a feminine woman all the way and very similar to me.

Sarah Jane.png

Anyway, the lipstick is applied, cute figure hugging dress leaving little to her imagination chosen, high heeled Louboutins on, underwear…well what do you think? Bag packed with the essentials, keys in hand and I’m out of here…

The restaurant date is going well, she looks fabulous, I am incredibly attracted to this tunning girl opposite me and yet I feel surprisingly calm. We even have the same colour lipstick on, ummm…. something’s gotta give. This is real trippy, but amazingly I am doing fine.

Woman to woman we really know exactly what we want. Conversation turns from boyfriends, blow jobs and break ups to fantasies and women and well, the pinnacle of how we both got to this place we are at now. It’s reassuringly effortless and flirty with an air of sexual tension.

There is nothing more electrifying than appreciating and being in a good woman’s company. I am starting to find myself a little anxious as to who she may be texting on her phone whilst I leave the table to freshen up in the ladies room, maybe a boy, maybe a girl, maybe another bisexual date ahead, who knows, I am doing brilliant, cynical me.


As we leave the restaurant and as much as I wanted to hold her hand I was actually too damn nervous, which astonishes me as I am the queen of sex and sex parties and well…being a wolf when it comes to sexual liberation, but hell no I have really no idea what to do with myself. It wasn’t the right time to take her home, not my intention, although the thoughts had crossed my mind many times throughout dinner. I would be lying if I said I hadn't imagined sliding off her sleek dress and gently kissing and caressing her naked body head to toe. It was however the right time to sly a cheeky snog as we waited for our taxi outside the restaurant. So I looked in to her eyes, moved in slowly and had the most beautiful tender kiss, the type you see in the movies sending tingles to all the right places.

I am not sure who saw us, but believe you me, they’d certainly have had some mental images to entertain themselves in bed that night, reminiscing about 2 sexy females kissing at the foot of their local street - you’re welcome! So that was date one, dipping my toe in to the waters I have been longing to swim in for a long time. I can’t wait for date number 2, dinner at my new place next week, and lets put it this way, I plan on getting to know her a lot better. You’ll just have to wait and imagine…a lady never tells! Or maybe she will, stay tuned.