The one thing you need to do LESS in 2019…

The one thing you need to do LESS in 2019…

It seems a lot of you from what I hear had a rather turbulent 2018! Here! Here! Me too! I have been consistent with my social media, openly telling all that follow me my every move, my personal feelings from day 1 last January all the way through to 2019. I felt a little social media rant in FUSE was in order, but also to show all of you readers we can start on a positive note, and that is shaking off the misconceptions of “social media”, using it properly and not getting in a tizwoz when your loved one or friend does something that pisses you off on it. Don’t forget your social media platform has infuriatingly become your own personal diary funnel, it’s becoming our own worst enemy, well maybe to some! 

However we have to learn to control our urges for a second because it is destroying and aggravating our personal relationships. 

 So seriously, what the hell is going on these days? I remember when I used to write notes to my crushes at school, or run down to the red phone box to make a call with a pound I stole from my mums purse. Then the Nokias started coming in fashion and lets not forget the big brick phones, nearly as big and heavy as the appalling phones from the 80's (oh how we managed) but hey guys, this is the phone phenomenon and BOOM our day to day distractions began! Along came the picture messages, videos and cough* cough* we have FACEBOOK, - we turn into typing-tech-robots and it all goes to shit.

 The technological curse on relationships started. 

You cannot tell me you do not find it hard if you are sat at a dinner table with your loved one and you are sat like a lemon watching them type away like a mad man, who the hell, what the hell, why the hell is this happening, eat your food its going cold and you're making me look boring - in fact I am bored!  We are missing out on eye contact, conversations, if nothing else, our manners!

 I have been observing this for years now, and as a woman who grew up in a very strict family I was conditioned to sit up straight at the table, to not eat with my mouth open, talk with food in my mouth, and definitely a big no-no looking or even taking my phone to the table. Are you kidding?!

 No offence but this generation sucks. It makes me cringe inside, when I watch couples in restaurants, bars, clubs, on their phones, in fact it really disappoints me. My generation has slowly faded out and we welcome the new millennial and even more bad phone habits and my gosh, the examples they are setting would make my grandparents turn in their graves, Please don’t shoot the messenger here, I only write what I see and experience and I do congratulate any of you readers who are the minority who really do put their phones away on special occasions, or general sitting down and sipping coffee to look their friends or partners in the eye and have a conversation.

 Let me translate this:

A conversation: “a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.”

Google this!!

 I have seen couples fight, jealousy, hatred, resentment, the silent treatment given, ladies picking up their wine glasses, sipping through it glaring at their boyfriends tapping away and wondering who the hell they are talking to and really asking ourselves (is this really important)?  You may think this is insecurity, (maybe so) however not all cases, in some cases people can be very rude and do not realise it.

 We are living in a age of tech distraction – ironically leading to tech DISTRUCTION. Tablets, phones, computers, ipads, games… would everyone please put that shit down for 5 minutes and acknowledge one another. It applies to everyone. Even the self employed would drop an excuse that they “need” to have their phone close “just in case”. Just in case what? Your building explodes, everyone gets abducted by aliens and they're gonna have to save the world? NO! You do have time, give your gorgeous man/woman an hour of your precious time - put the phone away, YOU CAN DO THIS.

 It is about time we really made time for each other. Life is short, but seriously mark my words,  life-really-is-short and we are forgetting the moments that we must treasure, the memories we make with each other. Nobody wants a special anniversary dinner arguing about one tapping away at their phone and ignoring each other. Whats worse is when BOTH partners do it. Can I not stress enough in this article that it’s unacceptably not cool?

 Sometimes we just have to learn to enjoy the moment, appreciate, love and talk to the person you are sitting with and perhaps learn something exciting about them, kiss them, hold their hand, your phone will be there waiting, it doesn’t have legs, it wont run away. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul not a phone screen.

 2019 please lets try and give an hour of our time to the ones we love. It isn't hard!

 So people – please don’t make us turn into crazy bitches, ok? You know the rules – put it away and admire the beauty of the person sat directly in front of you for more than 2 seconds, or someone else will enjoy it instead, ha!